About us

– Cairo Oil and Soap Company was established in 1963 as a state-owned company
that manufactures edible oil, ghee and soap. In July 2005, the company’s shares
were offered for sale on the stock exchange market, and Consukorra acquired the
controlling share of the company. Consukorra currently owns approximately 55% of
the company’s shares.
– The company’s headquarters is located at: 6 Al-Falaki Square _ Abdeen _ Cairo.
– The company’s factory for refining, packing edible oils and producing vegetable ghee is located
in Al-Ayat, Giza Governorate.
– The company owns a station for receiving, trading and storing edible oils for the company’s account or for others with 6 tanks with a total storage capacity of 17,000 tons /
metric in the port of Adabiya on the Red Sea in Suez Governorate.
– The company launched many brands in the market, each is distinguished in its own category
that eventually gained market share. Some of these brands are:
• Oil category: Katfa – corn and sunflower oil.
• Ghee category: Katfa – Agab – flavored with yellow butter and falahy butter).
– The company holds ISO certificates:
• Quality Management System: 2015: ISO 9001
• Environment Management System: 2015: ISO 14001
• Food Safety Administration: 2018: ISO 22000
• Occupational Health and Safety Management System: 2018: ISO 45001
– The new management of the company took charge in 2022 under exceptional circumstances
yet the company was ability to implement the restructure plan, raising the efficiency of
workers, developed and refurbished production and packaging lines and enhance sales.
– The company succeeded in turning from losses to profitability during the first quarter of 2023,
and the planned profits of the second quarter of 2023, as well.