About us

Cairo Oils and Soaps is a purely Egyptian company with great heritage established in year 1963. The company is committed to grow and have an imprint in the industry with its high quality branded products.Since July 2005, Consukorra became the main shareholder acquiring around 80% of the shares and accordingly Mr. Mohamed Ayman Korra became the Chairman of the company ever since.
Currently, the company has two production facilities located in key district areas in Greater Cairo, in addition to the head office which is located in down town Cairo.
The two factories are:
*El Ayat Factory :  For the refinery and production of edible oil & vegetable ghee.
*Ghamra Factory :  For the production of luxury soap, toilet soap, laundry soap & liquid soap.
Ever since the new management took charge the company has been undergoing a major restructuring plan and Engaged in the manufacturing, processing, packaging, importing, exporting and distribution of Corn oil, sunflower oil, cooking oil, ghee products and soaps products to turnaround the company from an inefficient one to a renowned company with distinguished brands in the market.
The list of accomplishment and achievements that have taken place are numerous and can’t all be cited here. But suffice to say, that among the most important realizations are the following:
– Settlement of all the company’s tax obligations and securing the resulting clearance certificates from the tax authority.
– Registration for the company’s assets, represented in three outstandingly located plots of land.
– Settlement of all short turn obligations and the introduction of the early retirement plan aiming to reach an optimum number of employees.
– The company increased its capital from EGP 80 Million to EGP 200 Million.
– Launch of several competitive brands in the market each being a distinguished product in its category & progressively achieving an increasing market share such as:
 *Oil category :  Katfa & Agab (Sunflower and Corn Oil ) & Agab and Mizan (Cooking Oil ).
*Ghee category : Katfa,Agab, ElEzba, Mizan vegetable Ghee & yellowbutter , white balady .
*Soap Category : Daily Soft Beauty Soap, SPA Luxury beauty Soap, Klanz liquid Dish ashSoap &Elmizan Laundry Bar Soap.
– Establishment of a new distribution model encompassing our own distribution infrastructure assets as well as a new network of outside distributors aiming to achieve comprehensive coverage of major lines of trade as well as all major geographies in Egypt.
– To support the business development initiatives, the Company has recently secured its own imports facilities in port of Adabeya in Suez.  This captive storage facility will provide the Company with a meaningful competitive advantage.
– Developing ‘Oil splitting and Fatty Acids Instillation’ Unit in Ghamra factory, where only four factories in Egypt have such capability.
The ongoing turnaround process of Cairo Oils and Soaps Company and with its team is a live example of how successful management can really enhance performance, improve the company’s financial position & develop new competitive brands in the market.
Further expansions and developments are continually scheduled to increase capacities and add new products.
Both our factories are ISO certified, El Ayat factory certifications are ISO 9001 and 22000 for Quality Management System & Food Safety Management Systems while Ghamra factory is certified by ISO 9001 and 18001 for Quality Management System& Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems respectively.