ABOUT US - Chairman Message

Dear All,

Today I proudly write about Cairo Oil & Soap after witnessing its progress and facing it’s challenges in the last couple of years. Even though we are still at the beginning of the turn-around process but I see great potential for the company to boom, flourish & gain a larger market share.

We have been re-structuring the company’s different sectors and departments, among which we have up graded production facilities and techniques, invested in new expansions, advanced with our team of employees and improved the financial status of the company.

This year our main focus will be on enhancing and developing our distribution & sales channels aiming to reach the highest number of customers. We are confident about our quality products, from beauty soap that rewards your skin to the finest corn and sunflower oil that is purified drop by drop.

Of course we should not forget to acknowledge our employees who exerted so much effort in changing and shaping the company’s future, allowing it to develop and move  forward. Investing in our people and giving them the needed support is one of my key beliefs for sustainability and for further progress.

I am positive that with our employees efforts and customers support we will witness profitable years with continuous growth in sales. We are aiming to reach sales of 200 million in 2010 and 300 million by 2011 versus the 161 million accomplished in year 2009. We are committed for Cairo Oil & Soap Co., a purely Egyptian company, to prosper and have a clear print in the industry with its high quality branded products.


Eng. Ayman Korra
Chairman & CEO