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Cairo Oil & Soap Company is an Egyptian company with a great history. The company was established in 1963 as a state-owned company and manufacturer of edible oil, ghee, soap and animal feed. In 2001, the company was privatized and listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Then in July 2005, the company’s shares were offered for sale and Consukorra acquired about 88% of the total shares at a very competitive price at the time. As a result, the company has reduced its stake to 73%. Accordingly, Eng. Mohamed Ayman Kamal El Din Koura has been the Chairman since then. The company has two factories located in major areas in Greater Cairo, in addition to the headquarters located in downtown Cairo. These two factories are:

• Ayat Factory (City of Ayat - Giza governorate) to refine and fill edible oils and margarine.

• Ghamra Factory Ghamra - Cairo governorate) for the production of luxury soap: toilet soap, laundry soap, liquid soap for sauces and distilled fatty acids.

• In addition to the following projects:

 Establishment of a station to receive and store vegetable oils with a storage capacity of 17,000 tons at Adabiya Port in Suez Governorate to store the company’s oils and storage capacity for others.

- Establishment of a fatty acid distillation unit in a plant to produce distilled fatty acids of high quality and characteristic, which is involved in the manufacture of very high quality of soap or Alkyd paints and other industrial purposes.

Since the new management took over the company in mid-2005, the company has restructured a major transformation into a well-known company with market-specific brands. Among the many achievements of the company are:

• Introducing several competitive brands in the market, each characterized by its own category, until the company gradually increased its market share.

- Oil category: Katfa corn oil and sunflower oil, Agab corn oil, sunflower oil and mixed oil Mizan mixed oil.

2 - Category of ghee: vegetable Ghee including 2 variants for each brand. Katfa – Agab – Ezzba.

3- Soap Category: Klanz Dish washing liquid – SPA beauty soap – Dailysoft toilet soap – Mizan Laundary soap.

• Establish a new sales and distribution department with many of our trucks to reach all regions and governorates in Egypt.

• Registration of company assets.

Implemented a restructure plan, clarify roles and responsibilities, build the skills of managers and create an environments that maximize the contributions of each employee.

• The ongoing transformation of Cairo Oil and Soap Company and Consukorra management is a vivid example that successful management can actually improve performance, improve the financial position of the company and introduce new competitive brands in the markets.

with an ongoing plan for expansions and developments to increase production capacity and add new products such as margarine and shorthand in addition to improving mechanisms to reach products to the highest quality and good distribution to win the confidence of customers